Getting Started in Stock Investing

There are some general steps you want to take when you are investing in stocks. You can start out by building a general framework to work out of. Learning how to invest in the stock market can be a very fun and exciting process if you do it right. It all starts with setting the foundation and building your framework. Get started with a 101 tutorial about stock investing. There are many websites that offer this for free. You can get it in video form. You can also download podcasts and ebooks. They Read more [...]

Value Investing and the Efficient Market Hypothesis

The efficient market hypothesis (EMH) has been around a long time. In theory it makes sense, sort of. But in reality, the major players in the market knows it doesn't work out perfectly. Part of the reason is that it assumes the markets are perfectly rational. That would assume that the human beings behind them are as well. But value investors, who find the best investments based on the oppositie belief, know better. It is true that the wisdom of crowds is better than individuals or even small Read more [...]

Stock Investing Strategies in the Auto Sector

One of the best places to invest is in the auto sector. It's one of those rare industries that will still be around and be strong for years to come. I can't say that about a lot of the blue chip companies out there. This is one that will always be fulfilling a consumer need. If you don't have some already, I would start developing some investment strategies around this sector. There are dangers for sure, but overall, it's a good industry to invest in. Right now, this sector is dealing with a crippling Read more [...]

Stock Market Investment Strategy in Energy

Those looking for a long term investment strategy in the energy sector really need to look ahead to the future oil shortage we will be facing. The best investments for this industry will involve other sources of energy. Here are some of the categories you might want to take a look at and how you want to play them. The traditional place to find energy stocks is with oil companies. That is we the world gets a majority of its fuel. But according to the International Energy Agency, we are using 5-6% Read more [...]

Big Movers in the Stock Market

Here are some of the big movers in the stock market today. General Electric saw a lot of activity. They are one of the largest conglomerates in the world. So that was to be expected. This is one of the best stocks to buy for dividends, growth and defense. They closed out the day at 20.16, up 1.87%. This was mostly due to good economic news that was released today. GE is currently a $213 billion company. 76 million shares of GE traded hands today in the New York Stock Exchange. 3M is also a Read more [...]

Most Active Stocks for Today – How to Invest

There was a lot of movement in the stock market today. Here some of the ones that you might want to consider as stocks to buy. Some are on an upward trend and others are depressed. Both could potentially be good buys. Siemens gained 3.74% today. This is a very strong company with a very bright future. They are one of the biggest companies in the world. They also have one of the largest cash reserves in the world as well. What they have to offer, the world will continue to need well into the future. Read more [...]

Stock Market Trading with Tech Stocks

If you are interested in doing stock market trading with tech stocks, it's probably good to know what is going on in this sector. Here is a brief update on what is happening with some of the more interesting stocks in this space right now. In the past 3 days of trading, they are down .37% as a sector. That is compared with the S&P down .19%. They are dipping below the larger market. That might indicate that there is some hesitancy among investors and traders about the current rally that we Read more [...]

Stock Trading with Carter’s Inc

You should consider Carter's Inc (CRI) for your stock market trading tomorrow. They were up 11.17% at the close in today's trading session. That was up $4.88 a share to close at 48.57. That is a nice jump on large volume. This might indicate a breakout trend upward.  This is a great stock for trading short term. They are up 11.73% in the last week of trading. In the past one month, they are up 17.09%. They are up 22% year to date. And in the past 12 months, they are up a whopping 75%. That is Read more [...]

3 Basic Material Stocks That Are a Potential Value Buy

I like to watch stocks that lose big on the day. It is usually an overreaction to some surprise bad news. Sometimes the stock continues to decline because they are not a fundamentally sound company. At other times, it's a temporary setback for a company that is otherwise solid making them good stocks to buy. Here are 3 stocks in this sector that may be in that category. This requires a little more digging and research, but it's a place to start. Polypore International (PPO) lost 7.7% on the day Read more [...]

Reasons for Investing in a Natural Gas ETF

There are a ton of good reasons to invest in a natural gas ETF. It is the fuel of the future. I think it will provide the transition to ease us out of crude oil into renewable technologies. Other than the energy implications, there are also political, national security and domestic economical reasons to invest in natural gas. It is good for return on investment too. It may not look stellar right now, but 10-20 years from now, it will be a major player, just watch. I like the ETF because then you Read more [...]